Does the thought of finding a job make your head spin? Endless applications, the anxiety of waiting for call-backs, the nerves surrounding the interview — for many people, the process can feel overwhelming. But your ability to land a job you love, at a company you stand behind, with a salary that reflects your value, is one of the most important life skills you can cultivate.

I’m here to help you develop that skill.

Below, I’m sharing simple yet effective tips for landing a job you love. Implement these ideas in your job search and watch as your life and career trajectory transform!

Do Your Due Diligence

When you want a job you truly love, you’ll have to do your research — lots of it. Think of the process like a salesperson would: prospect for leads, present the product (aka yourself), and finally, follow up.

Your primary objective when you begin your job search is to find leads (potential jobs) that align with your skills and expertise. Find as many as you can and thoroughly develop those leads by conducting in-depth research on the company, organization, or individual you’re interested in working with.

One of the most critical things you can do to set yourself up for job-landing success is to research thoroughly. When it comes time to apply and interview, prospective employers will know if you did your homework.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

The internet is a goldmine for job leads, so use it to your advantage! Start with the most well-known job sites — Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. — where jobs are frequently posted. Type in keyword variations of the positions you’re interested in, and you’ll get plenty of leads to choose from.

Keep in mind, though, that job titles for similar positions at different companies can vary. Be sure to research variations on the specific job title you’re looking for so you apply to the appropriate position.

Collect and Compare Job Information from Multiple Sources

Not all job sites are created equal. Some sites specialize in specific employment niches while others are broader. This is why gathering and comparing job information from multiple sites is so important.

Just as you wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without first comparing your options, you shouldn’t commit to a specific job title without understanding the full scope of that role’s responsibilities. Perhaps more importantly, you should also know the level of compensation that’s typical for the position you want and the experience you bring to the table.

As we just discussed, not every company labels the same role with identical titles. The same idea applies to the responsibilities contained within specific roles. You might find that the same job title at different companies has a different set of responsibilities and it’s critical that you understand exactly what you’re applying for.

The more preliminary research you do, the better your chances of finding a job you truly love.

Search for Expanding Companies

Are there any businesses in your area that recently announced an upcoming expansion? What about companies that report increasing profits year over year? These organizations are always on the lookout for qualified employees who can add value to the company.

Every successful business understands the core of their operation is their people — the more great people they hire, the faster they grow, and the more profitable they become. Growing companies offer plenty of opportunities — and the compensation to match — for skilled applicants who bring value to the table.

Attend Career Fairs

When you attend a career fair, you get to meet each company’s hiring professionals face-to-face. While these events aren’t necessarily the time to make a first impression, they are a fantastic opportunity to speak with prospective employers to learn what they’re looking for, both currently and in the future.

Even if you’re already working, attending career fairs now is a great way to start scoping out leads for a job you’ll truly love. That way you’ll have a plethora of prospective opportunities to work with when you really start digging into your job search.

Treat Your Interviews Like Sales Calls

When you’re applying for jobs, you’re essentially selling yourself — your skills and the value you bring to the table — to prospective employers. When you sit down for an interview, treat it like a sales call: Sell your skills and accomplishments and charge what you’re worth.

The type of job you ultimately secure and the salary you earn for that position both hinge on your ability to sell yourself. Even if you don’t love the idea of sales, this is a life skill you must cultivate to achieve success. Chances are you’ve invested years of hard work and time into mastering your skills, so don’t sell yourself short!