If you’re serious about being successful and achieving your goals — and I believe you are, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this — then it’s important to consider the company you keep. Motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn once said that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Therefore, it stands to reason that in order to be successful, you should surround yourself with successful people.

Your Inner Circle

Think about your own inner circle — the people you spend the most time with. How do you feel after you spend time with them? What sort of things do you talk about? What do each of those people bring to your life?

If you’re primarily spending time with people who complain and blame, those relationships are bringing you down.

I get it — there is a certain catharsis that comes from getting together with your besties and venting about all the things that are going wrong in your life. But while this behaviour may feel good for an evening, it doesn’t benefit you in the long run.

In his bestselling book The Success Principles, motivational speaker and personal development coach Jack Canfield puts it this way: stop associating with the “Ain’t It Awful” crowd. The more you surround yourself with people who constantly complain and speak badly of others, the more that behaviour will rub off on you.

Who Do You Want To Be?

Have you put any thought into the kind of person you want to be? Think about some of the people you admire most. Chances are, they possess character traits you want to emulate. Take a few moments to write those characteristics down. These are your core values.

Surrounding yourself with people who exemplify your core values will help you cultivate them in yourself. You might not even notice it at first, but you’ll begin to mimic their habits and mannerisms. These are the people who will help you become a better version of yourself and challenge you to stretch yourself.

Where To Begin

What if you don’t have a group of successful, supportive friends? There are a few ways you can go about building a network that will uplift and motivate you.

Even if you don’t have a supportive network of successful people now, by simply making the decision to build one, you’ll likely soon find new opportunities coming your way. Learn more about the skills and tools used by successful people in my free download, Successful People Take Action. It’s full of habits you can emulate as you work towards creating your best life!