“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

While so many people wish things could just stay the same, I experienced an amazing sense of joy and relief when I first heard a version of the Heraclitus quote above. Someone said, “The only thing that is consistent in life is change.”  I suddenly relaxed inside in a way I hadn’t been able to prior. I’ve since gone on to learn so much more about how to accept and embrace change. As a result, life continuously gets easier and easier! 

It is my desire that you too may discover a similar sense of relief, relaxation, and excitement as you learn to accept and embrace change in your life. Much of what I have learned has come through Jack Canfield who has so much wisdom to share on the subject. He has inspired me to share some of what I have learned from him with you.

In the four tips below, I have excerpted the essence of how you can easily and effortlessly learn how to embrace change whenever it comes your way.

1. Commit A Formula To Memory

I love a good formula. Here’s one to remember when change comes along.

E+R=O. This stands for: Event + Response = Outcome.

Events happen. Change happens. You have a breakup. You lose a job. You get into an accident. You don’t get a promotion. Whatever it is, change usually arrives as a specific event. And here is the important part: It is your response to the event, not the event itself, that determines the outcome you experience.

Whether you freak out, look for someone to blame, blame yourself, or think you’re not good enough, is within your control. If you can observe the event and realize in the moment that you are certain something good will come as a result of it, you are on your way to discovering magic within change.

Here’s another tidbit to keep in mind from the incomparable Napoleon Hill who said, 

“Every negative event contains the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” 

2. Use Your Mind To Create Positive Outcomes

Do you believe that it’s possible to create positive outcomes no matter what change is happening around you? If you do, that’s wonderful. You are naturally embracing change. Your belief in positive possibilities will carry you to every success. That’s because your mind is a powerful instrument. And a belief is nothing more than a thought you “consciously choose to think over and over until it becomes automatic.” Despite having beliefs programmed into us as children, as adults we have the power to choose to think more empowering beliefs. 

When you find yourself faced with change and have a difficult time overriding old negative beliefs, there are so many new techniques to help delete them. Jack Canfield uses the Heart Freedom Method. Byron Katie’s The Work is powerful as is the Sedona Method and EFT. It can be fun discovering the technique that works best for you.  

3. Act “As if”

This tip can be so much fun and so easy to practice. Imagine yourself as already being the kind of person who can successfully adapt to and embrace any kind of change. Ask yourself, how would you walk, talk and dress as this kind of person? What kind of thoughts would a person who can easily embrace change have? How would you interact differently with people? 

You can adopt this same attitude to any situation you find yourself facing, whether you are working toward a promotion at your job, attracting a loving relationship, or you have health goals you’d like to achieve. Just start showing up as the person you see in your mind’s eye until that person is looking back at you in the mirror.

4. Give Yourself Permission To Feel Your Fears 

Everyone comes face-to-face with fear in life. If that’s what has been preventing you from embracing change, then this tip is for you. Give yourself permission to acknowledge and experience whatever fears show up along the way. You’re the only one who needs to grant yourself permission. Then remember the first three tips. Change always means we are moving into unknown territory and that can be scary as well as exciting. 

Take one small step after another into the unknown – and you will be surprised at how quickly the path forward will become clear to you, and entirely achievable.

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